WinMOD Systems for Plant Simulation

The term Plant Simulation is generally used for software engineering, when WinMOD Systems are used for the simulation of Software Tests of the control. The simulation depth corresponds to the requirements for Software Test and for Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Visualizations with WinMOD 3DView or projects with WinMOD SIMLINE are here typically not included. The connection to the control can be generated via WinMOD Configurations to the Periphery Simulation or to the Field Bus Emulation.

During the agreement between client and contractor concerning the execution of tests, the user interface, the structuring and the simulation depth should be agreed. Additional benefits of the Plant Simulation can result in Training Model, Shadow Installation and Virtualized Installation.

Realization with WinMOD:

  • The WinMOD System Software offers high potentials of features for different simulation and visualization functions.
  • Thereby highly individualized or highly standardized WinMOD Projects can be generated.

Achiveable results:

  • The created plant simulation can be used for different use cases - starting from the Functional Planning to the Shadow Installation after successful commissioning.