WinMOD Systems for Further Education

The qualification requirements for engineering, commissioning and service of machines and installations underlie constant changes and  have to be continously acquired new. For that matter it always deals with the tasks to realize, to understand functionality and to identify errors. All functionality arises out of the interaction of the control system with the behavior of real devices, components, machines and installations.

WinMOD Systems allow to provide the real machines and installations as Virtualized Machines and Installations without altering the functionality, and to use them for education at any place and any time with neglectable consumption of space and energy and without danger for persons or machines and installations.



Realization with WinMOD:

  • Using the same platform for the industrial application for the further training enables to reuse industrial projects for practical education.
  • At the same time arises the qualification for both, the use of virtual techniques and for the the use of simulations for the productive work in the factory.

Achiveable results:

  • The WinMOD System Platform can be used for practically all kinds of control systems and technologies. The platform is cost-effective and will is continuously further developed.
  • A continous training of new personnel for the operating of machines and installations is possible.