Factory Automation — Automotive

In the automobile production a sustained interest to ensure the new building exists, the migration and the modernization of production plant through Virtual Commissioning. With the WinMOD System there is a modular platform available.
  • in order to integrate control systems of different producer
  • in order to emulate field bus system including safety
  • in order to reach different utilization targets

With the WinMOD System Software and selectable WinMOD Add-Ons and WinMOD SIMLINE the Virtual Commissioning can be effected in all parts of technology. Optimized assistance supported workflows with data out of the digital factory rationalize the engineering process.




Conveyor Systems



Assembly Line

Video: WinMOD SIMLINE Electric-Monorail System





Paint-Spray Line

Video: WinMOD SIMLINE SKID Conveyor

Process Plant