WinMOD Systems for Factory Acceptance Test

In process automation the Factory Acceptance Test with WinMOD Systems is since more than 10 years well-established in project development. The test environment consists of a real control system and a WinMOD system that simulates the peripheral devices.  The behavior of the installation and its process component is simulated as far as needed for performing the testing. The test environment with WinMOD enables to reduce the testing efforts dramatically while in comparison to other tests with real periphery, at the same time the test depth increases.

Realization with WinMOD:

  • With the WinMOD System Software it possible to cover the requirements concerning simulation depth and user interface entirely.
  • The preparation of libraries, the using of design standards and the WinMOD EngineeringAssistance minimize the engineering effort for the preparation of the WinMOD Project.
  • Software Test and FAT complement each other to form a quality assurance of the state of technology.

Achiveable results:

  • The early recognition of software errors, the reduction of risks and the execution of testing independent from place and finishing status of the plant deliver for the contractor and also for the client explicit improvement for the project run as well as for economical conditions.
  • According to these results the FAT with WinMOD became an inherent part in tender procedures.