WinMOD Systems for Fieldbus Emulation

In order to couple real controllers via field busses, WinMOD provides a number of field bus emulators for example for PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, PROFINET and ModbusTCP. The field bus emulators mimic in detail the behavior of the real bus-slaves. In this way, control systems with a bus-master can be coupled to WinMOD directly and without any modifications.

For a growing number of controller manufacturers, the bus configurations and further data can be imported to WinMOD very efficiently from the engineering tools of control systems. In this way the I/O signals of the bus-devices are available in WinMOD with very realistic behavior, can be configured in the WinMOD Project and leads from simple Software Testing to FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), Virtual Commissioning and functionally to Operator Training and the further usages.

Realization with WinMOD:

  • high performance emulation of field busse
  • rational engineering and change management
  • parallel emulation of several different field bus configurations

Achiveable results:

  • including the bus-coupling into WinMOD Testing
  • highly acceptance by Software Test and Virtual Commissioning with participation of third person
  • entirely independent test environment by standardized validation
  • control systems in field and test are identical