WinMOD Systems for Functional Planning

For the planning of customer specific machines and installations the Functional Planning should occur as early as possible parallel to the constructive planning. This allows to check technogical procedures for feasibility and cycle,  to perform possible optimizations, and to use it for agreement processes with the client.

For this purpose, installation and machine simulations are created with WinMOD System Software. Instead of the real projected control,  the WinMOD System Software is used for the control simulations with the simulation elements Force Machine, State Machine and Flow Machine. For connections, for time functions and for operating-  and display elements all other elements from the WinMOD System Platform can be used.

Realization with WinMOD:

  • The functionality of the planned plant and control can be realized on PCs with a common user interface.
  • The functionality is immediately visible for third person.
  • Time based workflows can be visualized and documented with the WinMOD Recorder.
  • The integrated Force Machine and the State Machine define the control sequences.
  • Diverse visualizations secure the comprehension of the function.

Achiveable results:

  • The early real-time simulation of the function helps to avoid mistakes and to recognize them in an early stage.
  • The installation simulation and the Virtualized Machine can be used further, under the condition that the simulated control is replaced by a WinMOD Configuration with real control system.
  • With videos and WinMOD Recorder notations the functional specification for the development of the control software can be presented.