WinMOD Systems for the Material Flow Simulation

The conveying technique and the used control systems form an essential part of Factory Automation. This concerns the linking of individual workstations, as well as complete intralogistics systems. Shop floor controllers as well as higher level logistical control systems have to fulfil high demands concerning optimized control strategies. The availability of a Virtualized Installation with a material flow simulation in real-time is since a long time a demand of the market.


Realization with WinMOD:

  • The extension of the WinMOD System with the WinMOD SIMLINE Software Package, provides a system that fulfils the technological requirements for material flow and intralogistics.
  • The technological and company specific libraries enable an efficient engineering.
  • The scalability of WinMOD allows far efficient modelling of small installations as well as large ones.

Archiveable results:

  • Experience shows, that the efforts for the commissioning are strongly reduced.
  • The manually distribution of boxes and pallets in the installation for the creation of test scenarios becomes obsolete.
  • Control strategies can be optimized independly from the installation.
  • During migration towards new control systems non-operational periods are minimized.