WinMOD Systems for Periphery Simulation

For several test tasks signals in the control system have to be transferred to the WinMOD System, where they can be observed, modified, recorded, graphically displayed or exported for further analysis. These signals can be communication signals to other control components, controller internal flags and data or I/O-signals.

Proven Periphery Simulation is used for the Software Test on PLC level as well as for the test of the visualization and of the control system, in the case that no plant simulation or Virtual Plant exists. The coupling to the control system is typically realized independent from a field bus with standardized or proprietary TCP/IP communications. The Periphery Simulation is often used also in parallel to the field bus emulation.


Realization mit WinMOD:

  • selectable high-performance WinMOD Configurations for coupling of different control systems
  • parallel usage in connection with other system couplings
  • simple to realize, fast available testing facility

Achievable results:

  • tested hardware configurations for field bus periphery
  • tested signal allocation including symbols and comments
  • tested scalings and limits settings up to the HMI system