WinMOD Systems for Shadow Installation

When a real automation system with a Virtualized Plant is permanently available parallel to the real installation, then this is called a Shadow Installation. The first usage of the Shadow Installation is typically an extensive Factory Acceptance Test. Then it is further used before commissioning for optimizations of processes and procedures as well as for operator training.

During the operation of the installation, the Shadow Installation is used for optimisations and process changes where they can be prepared without shoutdown and endagerment of the real installation. Of special importance is the permanent adaption of the Shadow Installation to the re-construction and behavior of the real installation. This allows a consistent comparison between real and virtual behavior.


Realization with WinMOD:

  • The WinMOD System Platform enables to efficiently create, operate and maintain  Shadow Installations.
  • With specific WinMOD Add-Ons online connections with other specialized tool platforms are feasible.

Achiveable results:

  • With Shadow Installations an intensive system support is possible in especially cases where the access to the real installation is difficult, where the real installation is critical, where it is installed in large distance or where a shutdown is not possible.
  • With Shadow Installations potentials for optimization can be tapped, that can otherwise not be exploited during running business operation.