WinMOD Systems for Software Testing

Testing of the controller software accompanies the software development. The testing is performed with respect to the available specification, with the target of adequate quality assurance. It should be performed in the steps from the function block test up to the integration test for a simple controller or alternatively for the whole control network. As defining by the the generally known V Model.

The test environment is provided by the WinMOD System and the prepared WinMOD Project. The simulation depth ranges from the Periphery Simulation with manipulated binary, analog and digital signals to the Virtual Plant with real plant behavior. The runtime system can be the real control or a PC-based virtual controler.

Realization with WinMOD:

  • simple to generate transparent testing environment, independent from the engineering tool of the control software
  • spontaneous manual and automatical manipulation of signals (forcing)
  • immediate change between editing- and run mode
  • clear separation between runtime system of the controler and testing environment

Achievable results:

  • testing of control software during software development
  • documentation of test runs with the WinMOD Recorder
  • large achievable testing depth related to the specification
  • verified tracing of the development status