WinMOD Systems for Control Migration

For existing production installations, the demand to replace outdated automation systems by actual system solutions arises more and more. Main targets are to minimize the resulting dead time, to optimize the control ramp-up and the user guidance. In order to reach these targets, the existing installation is simulated and visualized close to reality in a WinMOD System.

If technical conditions allow, then the functionality of the Virtualized Installation can be validated with the current control. Afterwards the functionality of the new control system is tested with the Virtualized Installation and approved for commissioning. The real commissioning time will be considerably shortened.


Realization with WinMOD:

  • The diversity of WinMOD Configuration allows to connect old and new control systems in same way.
  • It is possible to record scenarios from the existing installation and to use them for the validation of the new control system.

Achiveable results:

  • The Virtualized Installation used for the migration can be used also for the functional revision of the real installation.
  • The Virtualized Installation can be retained and can be used so for further changes and optimizations.
  • In this way the Virtualized Installation becomes the Shadow Installation for the real installation.