What does the WinMOD System consists of?

A WinMOD System consists always of the WinMOD System Software, at least of one WinMOD Configuration and of extensions in connection with the WinMOD System Software (Add-Ons, Assistances). The WinMOD System Platform represents the ''building set'' whereas the customer specific WinMOD Systems are composed after system consultation.

The automation system or an equivalent PC based system is emulated over the field bus periphery or an equal real-time capable communication system, and connected with the WinMOD System. The behavior of the real periphery, machines or installations is simulated with a WinMOD Project in real-time. The commissioning can start.

The WinMOD Project on a WinMOD System:

  • emulates/simulates the real signal periphery
  • simulates the behavior of components and processes in real-time
  • visualize signal values, conditions, signal sequences, kinematic movements in real-time
  • is interactively operable, in order to change signals and parameters online

The result is a virtualized periphery or a Virtualized Machine/Installation. The simulation - and visualization depth depends on the free selectable target.

WinMOD System Requirements