WinMOD Systems for Operator Training

A training simulator helps to train the handling of process control systems independent from the real installation. This demand arises  very often in the case of new installations, in order to perform the training with the real automation system parallel to the building of the installation. Accidents, critical ramp-up's and close down processes can be trained with the operator on the original user interface without any danger. Also language barriers are easier to bridge.

After the commissioning of the installation, the same system platform can be used as shadow installation for example for repeating of training sessions of operators or for new appointed personnel. There exists also the possibility to replace the real automation system by a PC based virtual system, e.g. PLCSIM and WinCC. In this way system costs can be strongly reduced.

Realization with WinMOD:

  • For systems the WinMOD Project is extended in that way, that the process behavior is molded adequatelly.
  • The installation simulation becomes a Virtualized Installation.
  • With the WinMOD Net Communication, projects can be distributed on several PCs without loss of performance.
  • The big advantage of the concept is the step by step deepening of the simulation project from the Software Test, over the FAT to Training. During all phases the original automation software is used.

Achiveable results:

  • Assuring the qualification of operator and service personnel is part of the quality control with an important social component.
  • It provides the conditions, in order to take over the requirements and to assure technological safety.