WinMOD Systems for the Virtualized Commissioning

The practice shows that during the commissioning of a real installation very often different topics merge: This concerns the clarification of the real functionality of components and installations, the continuation of software development during the commissioning, the functional test of the software, the parameterization and optimization of the automation software, the acceptance test and the instruction of the operators and the service personnel. Those work contents are temporally much undefined. They are cost extensive because they take place in the installation, they are fraught with risks and they can delay the planned commissioning in a drastically way.

The innovative alternative is the Virtual Commissioning. With regards to content it is a real commissioning of the real control system and the original software in connection with a Virtualized Installation. The Virtualized Installation shows towards the control system a behavior that is adequate for starting up and running both. It is possible to execute together with the project participants the work contents of the commissioning independently of location and status of finishing of the real installation.

The simulation model for the Virtual Commissioning consists of the behavior model, that reproduces the logical behavior of the machine and the kinematics model that visualizes the movement behavior of the machine in 3D.

The Virtual Commissioning can be divided into the phases of preparation, realization and post-processing. In the phase of preparation the behavior and kinematics models are prepared, a test connection of modules and control systems is set up, data are collected and checked. Afterwards the phase of test execution on the installation follows, and then the searching and debugging of errors and the preparations for the real commissioning. Finally, in the post-processing phase the testing results are analyzed, changes are implemented and differences to the real installation are documented.

Realization with WinMOD:

  • The WinMOD Systems deliver the pre-conditions for modeling Virtualized Installations and to connect them with the control systems.
  • The Virtual Commissioning is supported by a high performant online visualization, by online forcing and parameterization and if needed by 3D visualization and simulation of material flow and robot.
  • The Virtual Commissioning can be realized in the office and if needed also in the real installation.

Achiveable results:

  • The Virtual Commissioning allows the early quality assurance and optimization of control programs and in this way the shortening of development and commissioning times.
  • Functional optimizations can be realized and the instruction of the user can have already taken place.
  • Increase in efficiency and faster production start-up's through extensive validations reaching from software to mechanics layout.