WinMOD Systems for Virtualized Machines/Installations

Virtuality is an innovation potential used increasingly in almost all technical areas although with varying targets. For the automation technology the target is to have a Virtualized Machine or a Virtualized Installation available, which corresponds to the functional view of the control engineer and reacts in real-time. The Virtualized Machine or Virtualized Installation has the same signal connections to the control system as the real one and it is visualized in a way that functions are clearly recognized also by third persons. The behavior of the Virtualized Machine and Virtualized Installation corresponds to a large extent to reality.

The Virtualized Machines and Virtualized Installations are created in the WinMOD Project from the engineering data of sequential or concurrent engineering processes. They integrate these data and check them for consistency.

Use cases:

Realization with WinMOD:

  • WinMOD Systems provide a clear concept for modeling Virtualized Machines and Virtualized Installations, consisting of the periphery simulation, the behavior simulation, the 3D-Visualization and optionally further modules.
  • The workflows for the transfer of engineering data are supported to a large extend by WinMOD Assistances.

Achiveable results:

  • The Virtualized Machines and Virtualized Installations are functional models, perceived and interpreted from all participants in the same manner. It helps to avoid communication errors and to overcome borders between the different involved groups.
  • In contrast to textual representation, they are illustrative and descriptive and show also the dynamic behavior.
  • As a result the Virtualized Machines and Virtualized Installations are the optional medium for the functional presentation.